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Sooner or later, every man in Australia will face a decline in his virility. As with most everyday tasks, it requires that one only apply a bit of knowledge and understand what leads to erectile dysfunction and how to cope with it. After all, for some men the prospect of having stage fright with a their romantic partner is a nightmare, whereas for other the expectation of such a misfortune is only a matter of time, and they know how to deal with stress and frustration at the critical moments to act reasonably and effectively.

But most often, when a man first faces the problem reduced potency or its complete absence, he may suspect that he's completely impotent, and become afraid that his potency will forever be weak or only intermittently present. And it's a convincing argument-after all, things were fine up until that moment.

Both men and women are convinced that the first and principle of erectile dysfunction in men is stress, health problems, and/or poor environment. And then there is a vicious cycle of disturbances in sexual environment that cause even more stress and in some cases build a backdrop of fear where there is intimacy, as well as the potential stigma of not being up to snuff.

Secondly, among other causes of decreased potency in the strong sex are a variety of diseases, not all necessarily in the sexual sphere. However, when it comes to erectile dysfunction , it is necessary to treat the symptom, and not just the disease in itself. Along with getting rid of the signs of problems in the body, it is necessary to be examined so that the cause of sexual dysfunction does not become a problem that stays until the end of your days.

However, not everyone knows that drugs for potency, such as Viagra, Cialis or Levitra, give not only a temporary result, but really help to remove the symptoms of disorders in the body.

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What is impotence?

In Australia, the concept of "impotence" is associated with complete male impotence and sexual inferiority. In connection with this well-established opinion most people believe that if a man is impotent, he is absolutely unable to make love. Along side this prejudice doctors have come up with a medical term that refutes the fatality of male impotence-erectile dysfunction. This medical term implies a disorder that does not allow the patient to achieve a full erection or keep it for long enough to last the standard=d duration of sexual intercourse.

Based on this definition, many men suffer from erection problems, and according to Australian statistics, it's almost every other man! But the degree of erectile dysfunction in all men is different, and range from minor subtle disorders to significant problems that inhibit sexual activity.

The term "erectile dysfunction" refers to the symptoms of different patients, including those who are not able to achieve an erection on their own, and those who can have a weak erection, and those who have a normal erection that does not last long enough. As well as those patients whose problem lies somewhere between these three disorders.

Many men who inquire about erectile dysfunction have been interested to know if it is necessary for a man of 45 years of age to take Viagra and other drugs when their erections do not occur as often or last as long as in his younger years. Is this normal?

But doctors in Australia argue that erectile dysfunction is not its complete absence, so this problem includes any cases in which there is a weakening of the erection or a decrease in the number of erections. In this case, it is essential to have the problem confirmed by a medical professional. Erections, just like other bodily functions, are expected to perform normally. Of course, the vitality of the patient, his physical form and other aspects are important to consider, but the age-related decline in the number of sexual acts does not happen overnight. Therefore, you must consult a doctor concerning any problems in the sexual realm. Even if you do not need medication, the doctor may be able to determine the cause of the decline in erections and prescribe adequate treatment.

What is the most popular erection drug?

The most famous medicine among men that can quickly raise the solidity of the member is a drug for increasing potency called Sildenafil, or to use the parlance of our time, Viagra.

A variety of erectile drugs includes drugs that can be taken orally or administered through a needle (intravenously or intramuscularly, including directly into the penis). The latter is based on deeper and longer-term effects and is usually prescribed in the complex treatment of erectile dysfunction, while tablets have been and remain in first place in popularity among other forms of erection drugs.

Therefore, tablets are the easiest and most convenient means to increase potency, unlike other ways to combat erectile dysfunction, among which there are such unpleasant procedures as injections into the penis or other medical treatment in this sensitive area. When using Viagra you only need take one tablet before the planned sexual act.

In addition, small pills can be easily and imperceptibly taken, they are always at hand (or rather in a secret pocket), they have a fast onset, and allow you to enjoy sexual intimacy to the fullest under the influence of the drug. In this case, Viagra tablets can be used not only by men with serious potency issues, but also those who have faced a temporary decline in sexual activity. After all, as you know, the less sex, the less desire. Therefore, men shouldn't forget about sexual activity, especially when erectile problems are in their infancy.

What is the difference between other potency pills and Viagra?

Pharmacies in Australia today offer a variety of drugs to enhance potency, where not only the names of drugs differ, but also the active substances of which they are composed. The best known is Sildenafil (aka: Viagra), followed by the active ingredients Vardenafil and Tadalafil.

Choosing which one is better all depends on how long the desired effect should last and how quickly it should take effect.

Viagra is the perfect storm amoung such drugs. It acts very quickly (literally within one hour), and the effects last from 4 to 8 hours. At the same time, the exposure time can be selected using the dosage of Sildenafil, the active ingredient in one tablet. The dosages offered today by the pharmaceutical industry range from 20 to 200 mg. Thanks to the rapid onset and a wide range of dosages, Viagra counts the greatest number of accolades amoung its repeat customers.

For example, Vardenafil, which is the active ingredient of such popular erectile dysfunction pills as Levitra, has lower dosages, although it performs no worse than Viagra. This drug is designed for older gentlemen, for whom love making sessions of four to eight hours in a row are undesirable because of age. The dosage of Levitra varies from 5 to 20 mg of Vardenafil per tablet. However, this drug can easily replace Viagra, if one is simply desiring a brief romantic interlude.

Tadalafil, an active substance of such drugs as "Cialis", acts for a very long time, from one to three days, and has thus earned the name “Weekend Viagra.” All these drugs are only a prototype of Viagra and are designed to increase potency in different demographics. So, men, choose what will be closer to your soul, or rather, how long you expect your intimate encounters to be.

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What are the consequences of uncontrolled intake of medicines without a doctor's appointment?

Before taking any drugs to increase potency, it is necessary to undergo a clinical examination to determine the health history and reach a conclusion of the patient as a whole. It is also necessary to diagnose the causes of erectile dysfunction, to establish the possible causes of its occurrence, and to narrow down the choices of necessary methods of treatment.

Patients with preexisting cardiovascular problems or who suspect they may suffer from cardiovascular problems are strongly advised to undergo a physical. They, along with those suffering from kidney and liver issues and those over the age of 68 should not exceed a single dose of 25 mg.

Though rare, Cialis may lead to erections of undesired duration that last 4 or more hours after sexual activity, which can require emergency medial assistance. Visiting the doctor can help to prevent such unfortunate incidents.

Can ED drugs be taken by healthy men to increase arousal?

Cialis yields very good results in the treatment of specific erectile problems, and the word on the street is that it prevents impotency, where a man cannot achieve a solid erection, or an erection is achieved, but to maintain it, a man is not able to get full satisfaction from sexual activity.

Because of the increased interest in the issue of potency and consumer demand for the drug Cialis many questions arose in those men who do not suffer from sexual problems. In particular, myths began to spread about how to prolong sexual intercourse, how to increase excitement with the help of Viagra, and thereby how to diversify sexual life with your partner. Many men believe that Cialis makes the penis longer, harder, prolongs sexual intercourse, and helps them to get more satisfaction from sex. But a much larger number of men are interested in finding out whether or not it is true what they say about Viagra, or if it is just another myth from the manufacturers.

First, let's define the concept of "healthy man" in terms of sexual function. Healthy males are individuals in whom an erection occurs and persists during intercourse as long as is necessary to the man. At the same time, he controls the process of ejaculation independently, as well as the duration of sexual intercourse.

Since Viagra and Cialis restore sexual health to patients suffering from erectile dysfunction, or at least provide a positive trend in this area, it should not, in all likelihood, have any effect on those who are completely sexually healthy.

But there were cases when a man who considers himself healthy, for one reason or another took Viagra and experienced positive effects from the start. What could the reason be? According to experts, such cases only helped to detect minor incidents of erectile function at an early stage. Since the decrease in potency is often gradual, not many men can identify the first telltale signs, and even fewer want to admit it.

That is why Viagra manufacturers, in particular the company Pfizer, which has conducted numerous studies in this area, actively assures its consumers that Viagra does not affect healthy men because you cannot improve blood flow when it is in good condition.

Are there cheaper substitutes for Viagra and Cialis?

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Yes, the market is full of generic drugs substitutes for Viagra and Cialis. Moreover, the chemical properties of these drugs are the same, since the main active component of substitutes is still the same Sildenafil and Tadalafil.

And no matter how many times a week or a month men resort to Viagra or Cialis, one fact remains painful for the stronger sex – the price of the drug. Even with a good income, using Viagra regularly might not be economically viable.

But the pharmacology market is not sitting idle, with many companies having long ago developed analogues for Viagra tablets. Generic Viagra and Cialis are produced by different manufacturers and differ from the original, although they have phonetically similar names: Kamagra, Tadalis, Eriacta, Tadacip. Although they are much cheaper than brand name tablets, the effect is the same.