Sildenafil in the treatment of pulmonary hypertension

Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) is a progressive disease caused by complex disorders of the endothelial function of pulmonary vessels and manifested in a marked decrease in exercise tolerance, increased shortness of breath, dysfunction and decompensated right ventricle.

Pulmonary hypertension is not an independent disease. It is associated with other illnesses. This syndrome can be associated with more than 50 different pathologies. So, in the attempt to classify the disorder, all this diversity was divided into several main groups. Increased pressure in the pulmonary vessels may be idiopathic (i.e., of unknown etiology), congenital (due to mutations in the genes) and associated with diseases such as HIV, schistosomiasis (provoked by helminths), congenital heart disease, liver disease and connective tissue pathologies, such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus.

Another reason may be a pathology of the heart or respiratory system (for example, left-sided heart failure or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Increased vascular pressure can result from toxic lesions (for example, regular use of antidepressants, appetite suppressants, and even rapeseed oil containing large amounts of tryptophan). However, there are still little-known mechanisms for the development of this process.

Is it possible to cure pulmonary hypertension? This problem requires a comprehensive approach and, as a rule, a constant intake of a number of drugs. Some of them eliminate the symptoms that develop with increasing pressure in the pulmonary vessels (first of all, we are talking about diuretics, anticoagulants, and oxygen for breathing). Other drugs help to eliminate the root of the disease directly. If medical treatment doesn't help, over time, the symptoms can become so pronounced that the person will not be able to perform the slightest physical activity — take a shower or dress. Ultimately, this may lead to the need for a lung transplant or simultaneous heart and lung transplantation.

However, if you eliminate the reasons for increased pressure in the pulmonary vessels and choose the right, a patient can return to completely normal life and even fully recover. In this case, a course of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation can have an invaluable contribution. The use of different recovery techniques can significantly increase the endurance of people, improve their life quality, or reduce the rate of progression of the disease.

In recent years, based on a number of experimental and clinical studies, phosphodiesterase inhibitors of type 5 (PDE5) have been recognized as the most important approach to pathogenetic therapy of PAH, which improve pulmonary hemodynamics, reduce the severity of pulmonary vascular remodeling and improve the functionality of patients.

In 2005, the US Food and Drug Administration approved the first drug in this group Revatio/ Sildenafil citrate for the treatment of patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension at a dose of 20 mg 3 times a day to improve exercise tolerance. Revatio price is not very high, so the doctors prescribe it often.

We should note that generic Sildenafil was originally synthesized just to fight cardiovascular diseases. At the end of the XX century, a group of scientists created a drug for the treatment of angina and coronary heart disease. During clinical trials, a unique side effect was revealed - it turned out that it has a pronounced effect on blood flow to the pelvic area. As a result, cheap Sildenafil started to be used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, and the doctors who discovered such a "side effect" received the Nobel prize. This happened in 1998.

Doctors in Australia recommend Revatio without prescription for the treatment of pulmonary hypertension. This is a condition in which the resistance of pulmonary vessels to the blood flow is constantly increasing. As a result, patients develop right ventricular failure, which leads to death. The main active component of generic Revatio is Sildenafil citrate. It increases the amount of specific organic compounds in the cells of the smooth muscle vessels in the lungs. These compounds reduce the tone of pulmonary vessels, due to which the blood moves through them without obstacles, and the heart doesn't experience heavy loads. Revatio cost is acceptable for the patients, so the treatment will not be money-losing.

How to use Revatio/ Sildenafil?

pulmonary hypertension

The daily dose, treatment scheme, and duration of therapy must be prescribed by the doctor. The common daily dose of Revatio online is 60 mg. It should be divided into 3 doses with 6-8-hour intervals. You can take the pill regardless of the mealtime, but with a sufficient amount of water. During treatment, patients experience a slight decrease in blood pressure, so people prone to hypotension should be treated under the supervision of a doctor.

Who can't take Revatio (Sildenafil)?

Usually, the use of Revatio pills doesn't cause any side effects. In some cases, it can cause sinusitis, influenza, blood, and GI disorders. Contraindications to the drug are a pulmonary veno-occlusive disease, eye disorders, myocardial infarction, and hypersensitivity to the components of the drug. Consult your doctor if you are taking Itraconazole, Ritonavir or Ketoconazole before you buy Revatio.

Despite the fact that the diagnosis is life-threatening, cheap Revatio returns patients to a healthy life. Treatment affects not only the life expectancy but also its quality: it decreases shortness of breath, improves mobility, allows you to serve yourself, work, study, and lead a practically normal life.

8-10 years ago, the life expectancy of patients with PH was about 5 years from the time of being diagnosed. In recent years, new drugs have appeared, and the life expectancy of patients has been growing. Some people have been observed and successfully treated for 15-17 years. Therefore, it is necessary to convey the following information: early diagnosis and treatment completely change the course and prognosis of the disease and prolong patients' lives.