Overweight and obesity - effective prevention and treatment with Orlistat

Overweight is one of the important problems of modern man. Its frequency is increasing, and it is becoming a significant pathology in many countries of the world. Overweight people make up about 50% of the population of the United States, England, Germany, more than 40% - Italy, France, and Australia. Similar results have been observed in Ukraine. Obesity has become widespread in modern conditions of food availability, increased distribution of refined fats, carbohydrates, and reduced physical activity. How can you effectively, quickly, and correctly lose weight? – this question is asked by many people in our time.

Which are the causes of obesity and excess weight?

There are two main factors among the causes of excess weight: overeating and decreased physical activity. A certain role is played by heredity and hormonal disorders, as well as the development of food dependence. A person is not able to control the amount of food taken. Adipose tissue, like a stingy banker, does not part with its reserves. It is important to note that obesity refers to chronic conditions, body weight increases gradually in most cases, and it is not always safe to reduce weight significantly in a short time. Rapid weight loss is fraught with a rapid return to the original weight or even more after the use of various diets for weight loss. Physiological weight loss, which is safe for the human body and will not cause re-weight gain to the previous (and more) values, is 3 - 4 kg within a month.

Obesity, like any disease, is easier to prevent than to treat. Treatment of excess weight, like any chronic disease, requires a comprehensive approach, and the effect depends on the patient. The success of the treatment does not depend on how quickly and how many kilograms of weight are lost, but on the lifelong preservation of lost body weight. To do this, you need to follow a few simple rules: eat only if you have a feeling of hunger and stop eating when it disappears, eat slowly, exclude refined foods from the diet, increase physical activity, replenish your diet with vitamins and minerals. It is necessary to reduce food products such as sugar, bakery products, cereals, potatoes, grapes, bananas, sweet juices, butter, sour cream, cream. At the same time, increase the consumption of lean meat, fish, deciduous vegetables (cabbage, pepper, zucchini, eggplant, asparagus) and legumes. The restriction of nutrition is often not enough, you should also increase physical activity.

Types of weight loss medicines

Regardless of the form of release, the company and the country of the manufacturer all the slimming pills can be divided into five types.

  • Psychostimulating,
  • Laxatives,
  • Diuretics,
  • Peristalsis stimulants,
  • Fat burners.

If you want to facilitate the formation of healthy eating habits, it is recommended to use safe drugs. If there are problems with the hypothalamus, as well as with high degrees of obesity, the drug is often indispensable. The two drugs for the treatment of obesity are now registered. One of them does not absorb food fats in the intestine, thus reducing the caloric content of the diet. Another affects the center of appetite in the brain, suppressing the desire to eat once again.

Only a doctor can prescribe it because they have a number of severe side effects: they affect the absorption of vitamins, can cause mood fluctuations, insomnia, the drug aggravates the condition in people with heart diseases. Therefore, they should be used only in the presence of indications, not consistently and under the supervision of a specialist.

Despite the serious side effects, the creation of the drug for weight loss continues. Moreover, there is still work on drugs that increase energy consumption and suppress appetite.

While manufacturers of dietary supplements for weight loss praise the effectiveness of their products, the doctors recommend reducing weight with the help of lipid-lowering drugs. One of the most effective drugs in this group is considered Orlistat. What helpful properties for losing weight are vested in the drug, and should you wait for rapid results?

Orlistat- the most effective weight loss pills

Orlistat is used to treat obesity. If you want to improve the effectiveness of the drug, as well as more successful correction of body weight, the use of the drug is carried out in conjunction with the observance of a hypocaloric diet.

The drug is used to reduce the likelihood of repeated weight gain after its initial reduction. Orlistat pills are prescribed to obese people with a body mass index of more than 30 kg per m2 of body area or more than 27 kg per m2 of the body area, as well as in the presence of some other risk factors, such as diabetes, dyslipidemia or hypertension.

Mechanism of action and effectiveness

Orlistat was first synthesized in the mid-80s by Swiss biochemists. Its main property is the inhibition of gastrointestinal lipase (an enzyme that breaks down fats). As a result, the breakdown of fats into fatty acids and monoglycerides becomes impossible.

Unlike most advertised dietary supplements, the drug does work with lipid metabolism.

During the use of generic Orlistat, fats cease to be absorbed into the bloodstream, creating a calorie deficit, and the body begins to spend its own fat reserves as a source of energy. According to numerous clinical studies, the therapeutic dose of the substance is able to block up to 30% of dietary fat.

Orlistat Dosage


According to Orlistat online leaflets the drug is taken no more than 3 times a day for 12 mg c each main use of food, which contains fats. The drug is taken directly during meals or not later than one hour after eating.

If the meal is skipped or the food does not contain fats, the use of the drug can be skipped.

It is important!

Cheap Orlistat is the only substance officially authorized for use in long-term obesity therapy. Once it was available only by prescription in most countries. This law remains in Canada today. Some pharmacies are ready to release Orlistat without prescription, but only if the dosage of the active substance does not exceed 60 mg. The price is rather high but the result is worth it.

As a bonus, the drug reduces the level of "harmful" cholesterol, provides control over blood pressure, and prevents the development of type 2 diabetes. Physicians claim that regular therapy of excess weight by means of the drugs with Orlistat forms a conditional reflex: as soon as there is overeating, diarrhea is observed. However, this moment does not affect the general state of health. Since the substance does not penetrate into the blood, systemic effects on the body can be avoided. Metabolism means observed in the walls of the intestine. It fully leaves the body some days later.

The world organization of gastroenterologists considers drugs with Orlistat moderately effective in the treatment of obesity. However, you can find enough reviews about Orlistat cost and action, challenging its effectiveness. Some people say that it is possible to buy Orlistat and get rid of a maximum of 10% of the weight in six months, and even then it occurs in the case when both a strict diet and intense physical activity are observed. There is another opinion –the lost pounds get back after the course. Doctors confirm the truth of these words, recommending not giving up a healthy diet at the end of medical weight loss.